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Taking Your Law Firm to the Cloud, Part 1

So you’ve heard about this cloud thing, right? It eliminates all of your technology costs, confetti falls from the ceiling, choirs are singing. If you’ve looked into it with your IT provider or consultant, odds are you’ve found that it’s not quite the panacea many make it out to be. That being said, there are…

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Subscription Pricing Announced for Microsoft Office 2013

It’s that time again – Microsoft is about to release Office 2013, the most recent version of their office tools and collaboration suite. Microsoft is providing two ways of licensing Office 2013… Perpetual license – this is the traditional way of getting Office, where you purchase a license for perpetual use Subscription license – this…

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Get Your Law Firm Added To Apple Maps

Apple’s recent release of iOS 6 came with a totally new offering from Apple in their Maps product.  Although it has a large number of businesses already in the database, there’s a chance that your firm may not be listed.  As more and more people start using iOS 6, you’ll want to make sure your…

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GoDaddy Outage – How Can You Stay Protected?

By now, I’m sure you’ve all heard about the massive outage GoDaddy had on their network Monday afternoon. Their DNS infrastructure was compromised, leaving no good way for millions of people to access sites built on GoDaddy’s network. Not only did this affect people who were hosted on GoDaddy, but also people who were just…

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Hosted E-Mail For Small Law Firms

With the advent of cloud storage and computing, hosted email services are becoming more commonplace than ever. Unlike traditional methods of managing email systems, hosted email services allow small law firms to reduce costs and increase flexibility. Hosted email services entail having the email server maintained and hosted by another company, rather than being run…

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