PPC For Law Firms

Search Marketing To Grow Your Firm Quickly

While SEO strategies are a longer-term play that have lasting effects, PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is akin to turning on the water faucet - things start to happen immediately, but they also go away as soon as you turn it off.

PPC stands for "pay per click" - it's a cost effective way of marketing your firm online, most often through Google and its network of properties. We put together effective ad copy, and target it to a certain demographic.

As visitors search for your practice areas, in your geographic area of services, they click on your ads, and are directed to a landing page on your site (which we create for maximum effectiveness). You only pay when someone clicks on those ads, and you can control how much is spent by setting a monthly budget.

What is Remarketing?

Have you ever noticed that when you search for something or visit a website, a lot of times, you'll start seeing ads for that exact service on other sites for days or weeks to follow? That's remarketing.

Remarketing allows you to show ads to people who have visited your website. As they browse to other websites or do searches on Google, they'll see content and ads you put in front of them, keeping you on their mind and resulting in much higher conversions.

Remarketing is a very effective way to increase the efficiency of your campaign, and it's included in every LegalScapes PPC campaign.

What's The Process?

When you choose LegalScapes to manage your PPC campaign, we have a specific process we follow to make sure you get an effective campaign and good return on your investment.

At the outset of every campaign, we consult with you to answer any questions, and then create landing pages, ads and configure many of the features that come with a Google AdWords account, such as negative keywords, ad extensions, multiple ad groups, scheduling and more. In addition, we set up analytics and tracking, so you can track a visitor from the first click all the way through becoming a client.

After onboarding, we manage your campaign monthly. This includes providing reports of all the work done, ongoing optimization of ads and keywords, testing of new ads, removal of underperforming ads and more to keep your campaign humming along.