Law Firm Websites

We Build Law Firm Websites That Convert

A recent study showed that website visitors make an initial judgement about your firm in the first five seconds they visit your site. That's incredible - and a great opportunity to stand out from your competition with a quality site that converts.

LegalScapes only works with attorneys, so we know how to make sites that both represent your firm’s uniqueness to the world, and also convert in the competitive world of legal marketing.

Here's how we do it, from start to finish...

Welcome & Onboarding

In this step we will get to know you, learn about your firm's story, your why, and your purpose for being in business. This is where we will find out who your ideal client is, what they struggle with, what they need, and how you can help them.

Here we focus on learning your goals and what results you want to see, not only from your website, but from your firm.

In this step, we will provide you with a detailed questionnaire that will get us started. Then we'll host an in-depth site design and planning interview with you and your team.


Wireframe & Design

This is where we’ll get into how your site will work, how visitors will move through your site, how your content will be presented and organized, and how your site will produce results.

We’ll work with you to review the actions you want visitors to take while on your website and how you’re leading them to take action.

This is when we’ll get started creating the actual look and feel of the website - integrating your brand style, colors, design, and feel.

In this phase, you’ll have several opportunities to provide feedback, thoughts, changes, ideas, and comments, so we can tweak and revise the design as needed to reach a final design you absolutely love.

Development & SEO

Once your new design is finalized and approved, our development team will take the lead and begin building your WordPress theme. When done, we will insert, format, and style your content, add images, format your testimonials, and more.

Your new site will be built in one of our development accounts on a “secret” domain so you can review it, test it, and click through the whole site before we take it live. This way we can make any last-minute changes to your content to get it just right.

An integral part of this development process is making sure your site is in line with best practices from a SEO standpoint, and ready to hit the ground running when it's launched.


Ongoing Care

At this point your website may be done, but you’re just getting started! The key to a successful website that generates leads, attracts clients, creates opportunities, and makes money is caring for the site. Our LegalScapes Protect website care package keeps your site updated and protected.

Your site needs to be updated frequently with new, valuable, relevant content, it needs to be marketed and promoted, and it needs to be constantly improved and worked on to ensure it is as effective as possible.

We know this can be overwhelming for new site owners, so we have created a special collection of resources that you’ll be provided with by email after your training.

And, if you need help, we work with most of our clients after launch with search engine optimization, content, and more!

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