About LegalScapes

We've Been Helping Law Firms Grow Since 2012

Break away from the traditional, boring legal marketing firm. Our proven, data-driven program has helped build over 100 law firms since 2012.

What makes LegalScapes the right partner for your law firm? We're glad you asked!

Our most successful clients have:

A currently successful law firm
Dedicated resource(s) doing intake to handle the increased leads
Clear goals for growth (we can help with this!)
A desire to double, or even triple, their current digital marketing results
Alignment on core values and partnership

With real-time data from our client portal and your dedicated account manager orchestrating the different pieces, you'll never feel out of the loop again.

Our Core Values

Do The Right Thing

People over profits. Whether it's staying a little late to make sure we deliver what we promise, talking to the client about a negative result instead of hiding it, or going the extra mile to take care of a team member, we feel it's all captured in this Core Value.

Default To Transparency

Some things in a company have a need to be private. Everything else, we feel that being transparent with our team and with clients leads to a better, stronger, deeper relationship.

Take Ownership

It's easy to play the blame game in digital marketing. Even if it's not our fault, it's our problem to help resolve. We take ownership.

Be Curious

Digital marketing is a fast-moving business. It's essential to be curious about better ways to do things and continuously get the best results for our clients and team.

Our Leadership

Brian Craig attorney marketing

Brian Craig

Managing Partner

Brian founded LegalScapes in 2012 with a passion for helping lawyers build their firms through digital marketing. He’s been doing online marketing just about as long as he’s been a season ticket holder to Carolina football (over 20 years!).

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