Our Story

How It All Started

LegalScapes was founded in 2012 by Brian Craig to prove that a marketing agency in the legal vertical could be accountable and transparent, all while providing industry-leading results.

What makes us special? We're glad you asked. After all, you're getting calls all day long from people trying to get your digital marketing business. Why should you choose LegalScapes?

We are big believers in the EOS/Traction system, and have built our business around it (and we recommend you check it out to run your firm, as well). Explaining it in that structure, here's why we think we're the best partner for your firm.

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Why We're Unique

Because your firm is unique. The plan we create for you is just that - customized for you and your firm. If you're choosing LegalScapes to help with your firm's search marketing needs, we work with you to look at your market, practice areas and goals, and develop the right plan to help you hit those goals.

Because you deserve exclusivity. Did you know most marketing firms will work with your competitors? Not here. We feel it's the right thing to do to provide geographic exclusivity to clients who are working with us on a SEO plan, especially considering the hyper-local nature of SEO for law firms these days.

Because we're accountable. We've had prospective clients come to us saying, "We pay $4,000 per month to our SEO company, but we're not sure what we're getting for that money". With a realtime analytics, issue tracking and project portal, plus your dedicated account manager orchestrating the different pieces, never feel out of the loop again.

Because your data belongs to you. You've heard the nightmare stories - an agency holds your website or data hostage and won't release it. That's not right. One of our core values is Default To Transparency - your data is yours, and that includes your website, content, analytics, third party ad accounts, call tracking and more.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Timely, honest and capable. Thank you for all of your help!"

Your data is yours.

Our Core Values

Do The Right Thing. People over profits. Whether it's staying a little late to make sure we deliver what we promise, talking to the client about a negative result instead of hiding it, or going the extra mile to take care of a team member, we feel it's all captured in this Core Value.

Default To Transparency. Some things in a company have a need to be private. Everything else, we feel that being transparent with our team and with clients leads to a better, stronger, deeper relationship.

Take Ownership. It's easy to play the blame game. We take ownership.

Have Fun. Work hard, play hard. What's the point if you're not enjoying the journey?

Leadership Team

brian craig

Brian Craig

Founder & CEO

Brian founded LegalScapes in 2012 with a passion for helping firms compete online. He’s been involved in online marketing just about as long as he’s been a season ticket holder to Carolina football (over 20 years!).

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