Have You Thought About Outsourcing Your Law Firm Marketing?

Outsourcing non-vital functions is the new trend in today’s business, especially in law firms, as budgets get tighter and you have to focus even more on your core business. The idea behind outsourcing is hiring a professional team to handle certain areas of your business for less than you could do it yourself.

There are a number of areas that this can be ideal for a small law firm…

  • Information technology – outsourcing your IT to a company who can provide helpdesk, network administration and proactive management for much less than the cost of an entry-level employee
  • Accounting – outsourcing your payroll and other accounting functions
  • Human resources – outsourcing your HR to a professional employer organization can give you big business benefits at a small firm price

Law firm marketing is also a great place to outsource. Many firms have been told that they can pay once for a website, and that’s all they have to do in regards to marketing. In reality, marketing for law firms is much more than that – it requires constant attention to keep you at the top of the rankings and in front of your potential clients.

With LegalScapes, you can outsource your law firm website marketing functions for around one billable hour a month of your time. If we can help you with your law firm marketing, let us know and we would be happy to help.