Three Easy Law Firm SEO Tips

It’s pretty much a given that your law firm needs a website, but are you getting the traffic and new clients from your site that you’d like? Although search engine optimization alone for your law firm can be a full time job, there are a couple of things going into the new year that you can check to improve your existing site.

First, keep your content fresh.

Google loves fresh content. Are you a family law firm? Talk about relationship tips, how to handle different situations, frequently asked questions about custody hearings, or anything else that you think your potential clients would want to know. Do you practice business law? Tell your audience about new laws or regulations that may affect their business, or tell them about buy-sell agreements in partnerships and how they can protect their interests.

Adding new content and articles has benefits beyond the SEO implications, as well. You help establish yourself as an expert in your field, engage your potential clients, and can make connections for guest blogging or speaking opportunities you wouldn’t get otherwise to further your firm’s growth.

Track your website results using Google Analytics

One of the first rules in getting results is that you can’t manage what you can’t measure. On a very basic level, your scorecard for your website is how many visitors you’re getting, and the type of engagement (length of visit, pages visited, conversions to a contact) you get from those visitors. Setting up a Google Analytics account is free, and it will give you some of the basics for tracking visitors to your site.

Lastly, ensure your site is performing well.

Google loves fast sites, and penalizes for slow or poorly-performing websites. One of the best tools for this is GTMetrix – it will give you a detailed view of your site, including a performance grade based on points out of 100, the load time of your site, and the size of your page, all of which can affect your search results, and your end user’s experience.

Remember, the best thing you can do for your law firm website is to build your site and reputation by creating content your readers and potential clients want. Every page that you design and post that you write will come up in a search for years to come, and help give you steady, organic growth in traffic and new clients.