GoDaddy Outage – How Can You Stay Protected?

By now, I’m sure you’ve all heard about the massive outage GoDaddy had on their network Monday afternoon. Their DNS infrastructure was compromised, leaving no good way for millions of people to access sites built on GoDaddy’s network. Not only did this affect people who were hosted on GoDaddy, but also people who were just using them as a registrar and for DNS hosting.

It all started around 1:20pm EST on Monday, when our monitoring system was one of the first to detect an issue and report it to GoDaddy – soon after, as their clients started seeing their sites inaccessible, the issue really blew up, from Twitter all the way to an individual claiming to be associated with Anonymous taking responsibility for the hack.

How does this affect you? It just shows the importance of paying attention to all the failure points in your network. If LegalScapes is handling your DNS as a part of our Internet Presence Management for law firms, you’re protected, as we have partnered with CloudFlare to provide redundant DNS for our sites. If you’re not, it’s easy to set up (and free!) – just check out for instructions on how to set it up.