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8 Online Marketing Tips for Lawyers

There are more than 1.3 million licensed lawyers in the U.S. today. Even if you narrow down that number to just those practicing the same type of law as your firm, in the same area as you, the competition is still fierce. But thanks to the internet, the days of depending on costly television ads…

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Five Processes To Implement In Your Law Firm Today

Process Is Critical To Your Firm’s Success Process. It’s one of the most important things in any business to keep it humming like a well-oiled machine. In your law firm, it’s even more important. Clients are judging you by the experience you provide, from the minute they find you online, all the way through the…

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What Is SEO And How Can It Benefit My Law Firm?

As a lawyer, you are hired to represent clients in legal matters. Building likability and trust is important – if clients don’t like or trust you, then you may lose them. Now, think about your website – what do you need? You need people to go to your site, right? Without clients, you have no…

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How To Improve Your Google My Business Listing

Have you ever done a Google search, and see the map with the 1-5 star ratings for a couple of relevant firms? Wouldn’t it be great if your firm was in that list? It can be – and one of the critical pieces is to get happy clients to review your firm on Google. We usually…

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A Social Media Strategy That Works For Your Law Firm

You’ve been on social media for months, hoping to get that explosion in new business you’ve been hearing about from your friends and colleagues, but nothing has come of it yet. After signing up for Instagram, Vine, LinkedIn, YouTube and others, you haven’t seen much in terms of results – just a few hundred followers,…

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How Site Speed Affects Your Law Firm’s Website

Years ago, Google announced that site speed would be one of the signals in their ranking algorithms. Many people outside of the SEO industry didn’t notice this change, and are still using low cost shared hosting plans and taking a hit because of it. Without a doubt, there are more highly weighted search indicators such…

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Five Ways to Save Your Law Firm Some Money

Regardless of how good or bad the economy is doing in a given year, everyone is focusing on ways to save some money – it’s just smart business sense! There are a number of ways to help make your law firm more profitable, such as focusing on collecting accounts receivable, ensuring you have a system…

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Three Easy Law Firm SEO Tips

It’s pretty much a given that your law firm needs a website, but are you getting the traffic and new clients from your site that you’d like? Although search engine optimization alone for your law firm can be a full time job, there are a couple of things going into the new year that you…

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Taking Your Law Firm to the Cloud, Part 2

File Storage and Access Have you ever been in court and needed access to that vital case file, and NOW? In today’s fast-moving environment, mobility is for attorneys what simply having technology was 10-15 years ago. More and more of our clients are accessing their vital data from laptops, tablets and smartphones when out of…

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Have You Thought About Outsourcing Your Law Firm Marketing?

Outsourcing non-vital functions is the new trend in today’s business, especially in law firms, as budgets get tighter and you have to focus even more on your core business. The idea behind outsourcing is hiring a professional team to handle certain areas of your business for less than you could do it yourself. There are…

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